DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

We Want You Back...

Heh, got an e-mail from TT asking me to come back there and pay them for what I can get for free from WX. No thanks. Everyone I want to interact with is on WX. It's not about the money - I've already kicked in some cash towards the Phoenix Board. It's just that it still looks like Salon and TT are on the verge of going under, and that this is a desperation move.

It's been a year since TT went pay, and most of us left. It doesn't appear that they've ever recovered from that. The wind whistles through the ghost town that is their TV folder. Ah, well...

Actually, my paid time for LJ just ended the other day. So far, I haven't noticed anything remarkably different about being a free user versus a paid user.

In a similar vein, I happened to take a look at WX forum that was created by another group of TT exiles, which for a while last year was neck and neck with the Buffistas for most active forum on WX. I was never especially interested in joining this forum, but I lurked there once in a while out of curiosity, and I got to recognize some of the names. It had still been a vibrant community the last time I looked, a couple of months ago, but they seem to have hit a rough patch lately. Apparently there was a disagreement between two of the participants, which escalated as people took sides. A lot of people stopped posting and left. Reading some of the posts, it appears that some of this had been building for awhile. Kind of sad.

The cold seems to be gone, actually, I felt pretty good last night. I still have a bit of a ticklish throat, but that seems a bit better, too. Good thing, got a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow it's up early to head down to Jersey to register the truck, see the parental units, down to Old Bridge for dinner with Alex and Durrah, and then home. Get up early on Saturday, head up to North Attleboro to help Victor and Lea move to Worcester. Sunday evening, if I'm still alive, there's a cook out at Jon's in Somerville. Yeesh! Should be fun, though.
Tags: buffistas, community, friends, health, somervillains

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