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Speaking of Sports...

I played volleyball last night for the first time in almost a year. Of course, that means I have been coughing for almost a year, too.

It was fun. No lungs were hacked up. I played okay, considering how long it's been, and I haven't completely lost what few skills I have in the interim. Got a couple of points, had some good gets, and made some good serves. Took me a bit to get used to positioning again, but it all comes back to you. The team I was on didn't do very well, we were 1-6 on the night (teams are chosen up at random each session), but still fun. Lots of new or newish faces (to me, at least), and the only person on my team I'd played with before was Alisa, who was there with her adorable toddler. I didn't even know she'd been pregnant. That's what missing most of the last two years will do. Sigh.

Afterwards we went to Tony's for dinner, with the traditional Jeopardy questions and Far Side comics passed around. Very good times.

Today I am sore all over, as I reintroduce myself to muscles I'd sort of forgotten about. None of them are severely sore, or strained, it's just a general soreness over my entire body. I can deal with that.

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