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Columbus Day

It was gorgeous today, bright, sunny, 60's. It's a holiday here so I didn't even have to go to work. Went down to the bike path and took what will probably be the last good ride of the year. The trees in the preserve are starting to turn, and there is the unmistakable aroma of moldering leaves. It was lovely.

The ride was good, and considering it's been two weeks since my last ride, I felt strong. Because it was so nice, there were a lot of speed bumps, and I even had to get off the path to get around one pair of the clueless, but that was the only negative. Well, that and the bug that I inhaled.

Spent some of the day staining the next batch of shelves for the bookcases. I may actually have everything done by the time the first anniversary of me starting the project rolls around. Other than that, I mostly goofed off. All in all a pretty good day.

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