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Falling asleep. Actually, I've been like this most of the day, the result of staying up until way after midnight to watch the game, and my usual post-volleyball tossing and turning due to the loud complaining of my muscles, until I finally dragged myself out of bed at quarter to six. Last night only twenty people showed up(many decided to watch the entire game instead), so we split into 4 five person teams. The five person teams meant we had more ground to cover, and only four teams meant that we never had any breaks. Normally, with six teams and only two courts, we'd play two games then sit one out. I was tres tired when we were done. Played okay. Had fun.

I finished The Thin Man, and liked it a lot. Even figured out whodunnit. Still can't quite believe the amount of alcohol Nick consumes in a day, but otherwise it's good. As noted previously, I think maybe it'll be Ball Four next.

And now to sleep, per chance to dream...

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