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The Music Meme

Snagged from helvirago.

Hel's list:

 1. Prince
 2. Annie Lennox
 3. No Doubt
 4. The Swingle Singers
 5. Cyndi Lauper
 6. Ice T
 7. Nine Inch Nails
 8. Sheila Chandra
 9. Minna Bromberg
10. Rage Against the Machine

My list:

 1. The Kinks
 2. The Beatles
 3. Dire Straits
 4. Fountains of Wayne
 5. Old 97's
 6. Belle & Sebastian
 7. The Strawbs
 8. Barenaked Ladies
 9. Tom Paxton
10. Jason and the Scorchers

Copy the list, strike out what you don't have -- fill the list out to ten with artists from your music collection.

Oh for ten. Closest I got was Annie Lennox, cause I do have a Eurythmics LP around here somewhere. That's just weird. Or else I'm just really, *really* old...

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