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It's a lovely day outside, clear and chilly. The chilly isn't too bad, because the sun is bright. The leaves have been changing in earnest, and are at their peak just now. There's color everywhere.

Tired and sore from volleyball last night. There were only four teams again, which meant no breaks, which is wearing. Also, the tendonitis in my right shoulder is flaring, and I'm developing a touch of tennis elbow. Somebody get me an ice pack! I wasn't particularly happy with my play, either. I didn't play badly, but I was sloppy and lazy, doing a lot of things one-handed (including sets) that I should've been getting into position for to do properly. The thing is, I didn't even notice I was doing it until a couple of teammates mentioned it to me. That's how bad it was.

Next week we're apparently going to be getting an influx of people who've been shut out of the volleyball program in a nearby town. Here's an example of the stupidity of small town recreation department politics. The other town has suddenly decided, for whatever reasons, to limit it's rec programs to residents only. The weird thing is, the policy will probably kill the other program, because according to the woman who was running it (who's a non-resident!), there were only about nine residents playing, so they won't have enough for proper teams. Crazy. Meanwhile, the non-residents will be invading our program, which is open to anybody with a dollar to play. On one hand, this is good because more players. OTOH, we've had problems with some of the players in that program in the past because they seem to feel that the level of play in our program isn't good enough for them, because we allow all levels of players to participate, including beginners. This tends to make them testy when playing here, which is no fun. Also, the influx will probably be large enough that some of our regulars may get closed out (it's first come, first serve). Which means showing up at least a half hour early to ensure a spot. Feh. Stoopid other towns.

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