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Oh, Bother.

Spent a good portion of the weekend doing a pretty good impression of a turnip. It wasn't a complete waste, but I didn't nearly get as much accomplished as I wanted. Took my favorite watch in for an overhaul. I'd just got it back from having the second hand reattached a couple of weeks ago. Then it decided to stop keeping time, and a new battery didn't help. The overhaul is going to cost as much as the watch cost me new (although I did get it for 50% off when Lechmere went out of business). Bother.

I tried fixing the weather stripping on the driver's door of my truck. The seal isn't very tight, so in hard rain it leaks occasionally. I tried attaching another piece of stripping to the opposite surface (on the door itself), and that seemed like it might work. Then it rained yeaterday, and the new piece unpeeled itself off the door. The adhesive just didn't want to stick very well. Back to the drawing board. Bother.

I also picked up a couple of new doorbell buttons. I replaced the old buttons two years ago, and the replacements have already broken. I didn't get a chance to do the swap yesterday because of all the rain, but I need to do it before Halloween, at least for the front door. At some point I probably ought to replace the doorbell itself, because I think it's wired wrong. I get the wrong tone from the front button. It ought to go "bing bong", but all I get from it is a "bing." Bother.

I finished applying urethane to the next batch of shelves, so now I have twenty shelves waiting for me to haul boxes of books down from the attic. I probably could have trimmed the length of each of the shelves down another sixteenth of an inch. They are snug to the point where I need some kind of lever to shoehorn them onto their pins. Oddly, they're fine at the front pin, but extremely tight at the back pin, which just shouldn't be. At least they don't move around once they're installed. It also looks like I made too many. Now that I'm actually putting them up, I can see that my estimates of intershelf distances were kind of small. I have at least one shelf too many for each case, and maybe two. Bother.

Plus, the time changed this weekend, so now it's dark by 5 p.m. I hate that. I actually think I'd prefer to get up in the dark if I could get to leave work before the sun goes down. I also didn't do much of the house cleaning that needs to be done. Bother.

Still, it's all minor bothers, and I'm feeling remarkably cheerful lately, and all seems right with the world. Clearly something is either wrong with me, or I'm being set up for a big fall.

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