Sunday, December 30th, 2012
3:47 pm - Winter Wonderland  
We had our first substantial snowfall of the season* last night, 6-8". Today is bright and sunny, and it's very pretty out. There is substantial wind chill, though, so apart from shoveling, I've been admiring the pretty through my picture windows.

* Actually, large parts of New Jersey and Rhode Island got lots of snow inland during the Boxing Day nor'easter, but nearer to the coast, where I was staying while in Jersey and where I live in Rhody, we just got soaked.

Christmas was good for the most part. There wasn't much traffic on the way down, and even going back during rush hour on the 27th wasn't too bad. I got lots of good loot (DVDs, books, money, and a quart of real maple syrup from my brother's farm, among other stuff), and there was terrific food. It even snowed lightly Christmas Eve, so we had a white one without the necessity of shoveling.

I stayed with eldest sister. She has been fostering dogs for one of the local shelters. She already had one of her own, and liked one of the foster dogs so much that she adopted him as well. There was also a third that she brought home for the holiday while the shelter was closed. Unfortunately, that one was young and ill-mannered.** I caught her standing atop the dining room table. She also kept picking fights with the other two dogs, so she wound up spending most of her time in her cage.

** Think Stitch right after Lilo adopts him.

It's too bad. She is basically a good dog with people, and with proper training would be a nice pet. She liked me, and I liked her until she switched from chewing on the hems of my jeans to clamping her jaws on the screen of my laptop. Fortunately no harm was done to either computer or beagle mix.
Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
9:19 am - Your Beagle May Vary...  
A beagle won Best in Show at Westminster. A spokesman for the beagle had this to say:

"!!!!! !! !!!!!!!! !!! !!!!!"

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Sunday, October 7th, 2007
11:05 pm - What Next?  
My knees are sore. Despite the sun setting earlier and earlier, I've managed to maintain a good riding schedule. I've been riding down to Veterans cemetary during the week, and hitting the paths Saturdays and Sundays. Those weeknight rides have been getting shorter and shorter, though.

It topped out at about 83° here yesterday, which along with the humidity made it feel like August again. Then the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, and the temperature dropped 20 degrees overnight, making it damned chilly today. It stayed cool, even when the clouds cleared out in the late afternoon, just as I was starting my ride. The death critters are out and about. Yesterday it was a chipmunk who successfully threaded a needle as he scooted out in front of me and a cyclist coming the other direction. Today it was Bambi crossing the path to join the rest of his family a few yards into the woods. There was also a stray dog who decided it'd be fun to chase me. But I gave him a stern "Git!" and he did.

I layered up for today's ride, and was pleased to see that the old rugby shirt that hasn't fit for a long while was loose enough to wear over a long sleeved t-shirt. I have lost some weight, although that's slowed down the last two months, despite watching what I eat and riding 500 miles. I am worrying about what happens once it gets too dark to ride after work, which would normally be this week, except I have the week off, so I can ride during the day. I do have a stationary bike, but it's not the same, and there's no way I can talk myself into riding it for the same amount of time I ride my real bikes on any given day (about an hour and fifteen minutes, on average). I can also walk, which I've already started on a little bit. By happy coincidence, my block is almost exactly a half mile around, so measurement is easy. I'm still unlikely to walk for the same duration as I ride, though.

The week off will be devoted to small projects. I was thinking about pulling up the carpet in the living room, something I've been thinking about since I moved in, but that's probably overambitious, and there're enough small projects to keep me busy all week. I want to ride, too. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Of course, it was supposed to rain last night, too, and didn't. I was looking at possible paths in Connecticut, but the best candidate is out past Hartford. There's another candidate, the CT portion of the greenway that picks up the Coventry bike trail at the border, but CT-DOT is a bit sketchy about what kind of shape it's in. I could also do the Alewife-Lexington path up in Massachusetts, I suppose.
Monday, January 29th, 2007
9:30 am - Monday Humor...  
Two very funny stories for a Monday morning.

First up, Ken Levine's greatest home run call (with a tip of the hat to Jon at Dodger Thoughts for pointing it out).

Second, Chad Orzel's absolutely hysterical Bunnies Made of Cheese.